Comprehensive Strength

Mabwell has established an advanced R&D system which covers target discovery, early discovery, druggability, preclinical, clinical research and manufacturing transformation. The international standard drug discovery platforms and skillful & efficient development platforms enable us to develop innovative biologics efficiently and submit IND rapidly. We focus on large-scale, fast-growing therapeutic areas including auto-immune diseases, oncology, metabolic disorders, ophthalmologic diseases and infectious diseases, etc. Mabwell has 14 pipeline products. Of these, 2 products have been approved and commercialized, 1 product has been filed for MA approval, 1 product is in the preparation of filing, 2 products are in pivotal trials. We have also undertaken 1 national major scientific and technological special project for "Significant New Drugs Development", 2 projects for National Key R&D Programmes, and multiple provincial and municipal science and technological innovation projects.


Comply with GMP requirements in China, U.S., and Europe. Adopt both disposable and stainless-steel bioreactors for drug substance production. Our manufacturing capabilities in complex formulations covers a wide range of injectables for biological products across multiple delivery formats from vials to pre-filled syringes (PFS).

Large Scale Commercial Manufacturing Site (Shanghai)

69,700 ㎡ (17 Acres)
Over 27,000L capacity
Digitize the entire production process, more efficiently, higher quality output

Pilot & Commercial Manufacturing Site (Taizhou)

Capacity: 8,000L, antibody production; 4,000L, recombinant protein production
Have passed EU QP Audit

Large Scale ADC Commercial Manufacturing Site (Taizhou)

53,400㎡ (13 Acres)
Specialized in the production of ADCs & antibodies


Market led, Medical-driven, Access first

Deeply engaged in academic promotion in autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases and oncology, we have built mature and professional marketing network in China, bringing world-class novel therapeutic options to more domestic patients. Our marketing management team is led by professionals with over 20 years of experience in average.

Improve Global Health

We are expanding to Euramerican market and emerging markets to meet the clinical needs of patients worldwide, and have entered into strategic partnerships with more than a dozen countries overseas.

License out

2021.5 - Reached a strategic cooperation with Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group on the rights and interests of two novel biological drugs (8MW0511 & 9MW1111) in China. Both parties will share future commercial benefits within the scope of cooperation. 

2023.1 - Entered into an agreement with DISC MEDICINE (NASDAQ: IRON) about 9MW3011 (R&D code in the US: MWTX-001, MWTX-002 & MWTX-003) with a total of up to $412.5 million of down payment and milestone payment.

Partnership in emerging market

2022.12 - Established partnership with Binnopharm Group (Top 5 Russian pharmaceutical company) to market 9MW0113, 9MW0321 & 9MW0311 in Russia and Eurasian Economic Union countries 

2023.6 - Established a licensing and commercialization agreement of 9MW0311 & 9MW0321 for Egypt market 

2023.7 - Established partnership with Searle (one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan) to market 9MW0311 & 9MW0321 in Pakistan

2023.7 - Established partnership with Sothema (the biggest pharmaceutical company in Morocco) to market 9MW0113 in Morocco 

2023.8 - Established partnership with UNILAB (ranks number 1 in the ASEAN pharmaceutical industry) to market 9MW0113 in the Philippines

2023.9 - Established partnership with Legrand to market 9MW0311 & 9MW0321 in Colombia and Ecuador

2023.10 - Established partnership with UPL to market 9MW0113 in Argentina

Get in touch with our BD team: ib@mabwell.com