Mabwell's First Self-commercialized Drug Reached its National Logistics Ceremony

Release time:Apr 26, 2023

Mabwell (688062.SH), an innovative biopharmaceutical company with the whole industry chain layout, announced that its first self-commercialized drug, MAILISHU Denosumab Injection, which obtained marketing approval from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) at late March, has been supplied to major hospitals and pharmacies in China. It brings good efficacy, strong accessibility and high-quality to Chinese osteoporosis patients.

The attendees of the ribbon-cutting ceremony included: Dr. Liu Datao, co-founder and CEO of Mabwell, Li Han, Vice President, and Dr. Ding Mansheng, Executive Deputy General Manager of T-mab; Zhao Lidong, General Manager of Sinopharm Logistics, Liu Runfeng, General Manager Assistant, and Zhang Liqun, General Manager Assistant.

Dr. Liu Datao, co-founder and CEO of Mabwell, said, " We are very pleased that our first self-commercialized drug has been shipped to 28 provinces and municipalities in China. The production of MAILISHU is currently undertaken by our wholly-owned subsidiary, Jiangsu T-mab BioPharma Co., Ltd., which complies with China, US, and EU GMP standards and has passed the EU QP audit. Upon approval, our Taizhou industrialization base has fully engaged in production, packaging, quality inspection, logistics, and other aspects to ensure that high-quality drugs can be delivered to patients as soon as possible and improve their quality of life."

Zhao Lidong, General Manager of Sinopharm Logistics, said: "We are very grateful for the trust that Mabwell has placed in Sinopharm Logistics by choosing to entrust the nationwide logistics storage and distribution of MAILISHU to us. Sinopharm Logistics' comprehensive storage and transportation network, as well as its professional service team, will assist Mabwell in expanding its sales and reaching more end-users in China, and together we will provide safe and reliable drugs for patients."