Mabwell Closes Series A Financing of 1.97 Billion Yuan to Speed Up New Variety R&D and Industrialization

Release time:Apr 29, 2020

Recently, Mabwell (Shanghai) Bioscience Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Mabwell”) officially announced the completion of series A financing of 1.97 billion yuan, signaling the beginning of fast growing of the company. This round of financing is completed in two stages with Shiyu Capital as the lead investor and the participation of institutions including Oriental Fortune Capital, Loyal Valley Capital, Haitong Capital, Founder H Fund, Ganzhou Development Investment Fund, Huarong Rongde Asset Management, Golden China Fund, Sincere Capital, Ningbo Gaoling Fund, Suzhou Ruihua Fund and Nanshan National Fund, to boost the R&D and industrialization of innovative drug varieties at Mabwell Bioscience.


Dr. Datao Liu, President of Mabwell, expressed his sincere appreciation for the recognition of the investment institutions in successfully completing this round of investment: “in this difficult time when the global epidemic is wreaking havoc, Mabwell can win the trust and support of Shiyu capital and many other institutions, attract capital from top professional investment institutions in the industry, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other channels, and receive higher-than-expected amount of financing, which is an indication of high recognition of investors in the earlier work of Mabwell and its capability in pursuing sustainable development. Dr. Liu adds that “the Mabwell founders, made up of angel investors and core technical members, have profound understanding of biopharmaceutical technology and innovation, and have brought together a group of talents with diverse backgrounds and strong technology expertise, and established a quite complete system for biopharmaceutical innovation and development. More importantly, Mabwell attaches great importance to R & D efficiency, and is fully aware of the risk, cost control and revenue expectation of innovative drugs. Meanwhile, the founding team is experienced in industrialization and commercialization, and can adopt flexible strategies in the face of intensifying competition to adapt to the changing market with strong execution. We have remained calm in spite of the investment rush in China's biopharmaceutical sector in recent years to reduce risks through stable operation. There is no shortcut for enterprise operation, and instead of the dazzling halo around technology and innovation, continuous value creation for the society and shareholders is the only yardstick for the team management and company value. With the strong support of investors and concerted efforts of the technical team, Mabwell is confident to become a leader in the industry.”

Mr. Hongbing Yang, Chairman of Shiyu Capital, expressed his confidence in the future of this investment: “Shiyu Capital is very honored to be able to lead this round of financing and become a partner of Mabwell. The original investors of the company and Dr. Datao Liu have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. They have witnessed the changes in this industry in China and have a profound understanding of the development of the industry. It is under their leadership that Mabwell has rapidly developed comprehensive capabilities in new variety R & D, pilot test, large-scale production, domestic and foreign registration and clinical research with strong potential in domestic and foreign sales as well as outstanding capability in industrialization. We believe that Mabwell will make steady progress over years’ accumulation of experience and become a leading enterprise in China's biopharmaceutical industry.”

Mr. Huawei Chen, partner of Oriental Fortune Capital, speaks highly of Mabwell as an excellent bio-pharmaceutical innovation enterprise: “the company is one of the few platform enterprises covering the whole biopharmaceutical industry chain in China. It develops a complete system for industrialization, and invested in front-end R & D, production amplification, clinical research and commercialization. Its subsidiaries are in charge of different parts of business to create synergy in resource coordination and attract talents. It has the potential to become an excellent innovative enterprise and we are bullish on the future of Mabwell. That’s why we participated in this round of financing by setting up a special fund to work with the Mabwell team in contributing our part to the development of China's biopharmaceutical industry.”

Mr. Xiangyang Zhang, chairman of Haitong Capital, also said: “Mabwell is from the biopharmaceutical industry about which Haitong Capital are optimistic for a long time to come. We have faith in Mabwell as its team has years of management experience in the pharmaceutical industry, professional R & D capability and practical industrialization ability. We believe Mabwell can go faster, further and better in the future.”

About Shiyu Capital

Shiyu Capital is a private equity fund focusing on investment in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry with the total amount of managed assets approaching 6 billion yuan. Shiyu Capital identifies itself as a close capital partner for China’s pharmaceutical enterprises in their transformation and upgrading to integrate industrial resources and create value together with wonderful entrepreneurs. Shiyu Capital has invested in well-renowned enterprises including Wuxi AppTec (603259.SH/2359.HK), CStone Pharmaceuticals (2616.HK), Ascentage Pharma (6855.HK), HitGen (688222.SH), Lepu Medical, Allist Pharmaceuticals, Double Whale Pharmaceutical, and JD Health Service.

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