Jiangsu T-mab and School of Pharmacy, SJTU Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Release time:Jul 02, 2020

On July 2, 2020, Jiangsu T-mab, Mabwell's wholly owned subsidiary, signed strategic cooperation agreement with School of Pharmach, SJTU and Taizhou Medical New&Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. President of Mabwell Dr. Da-tao liu participated in the activity. The three parties will co-build the Ministry of Education Antibody Center (Taizhou Base).


Jiangsu T-mab has the experiences in the mature R&D and industrialization platform of therapeutic antibody drugs and recombinant protein drugs, so the company has ability to undertake the actual operation and production of the Base. By School of Pharmach, SJTU providing comprehensive knowledge resources, technical resources, patent achievements resources and industrial information resources at domestic and overseas, the Base can provide services in the fields of antibody and cell engineering. The projects operated by the Base and the external service projects are belong to Antibody Center of the Ministry of Education, which accept the unified management of the Antibody Center of the Ministry of Education.