Mabwell and Taimei Technology Reached a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Release time:Jul 03, 2020

On July 3, 2020, Mabwell and Taimei Technology agreed to carry out long-term strategic cooperation agreement on clinical research systems and services. Datao Liu, President of Mabwell, Shuhai Wang, Vice President, Song Lu , Clinical Operation Director; Lu Zhao, CEO of Taimei Technology, Dong Ma, General Manager of Clinical Research Division and Hong Wang, Vice Director of Business Development of Clinical Research Division attended the signing ceremony.


Dr. Datao liu, President of the company,and Lu Zhao, CEO of Taimei Technology

Now Mabwell is in the stage of rapid development. With the in-depth layout and rapid promotion of the product line, the number of clinical trial projects are also increasing. So Mabwell is paying more attention to the requirements of standardized management and informatization. Taimei Technology committed to the construction of a digital operation platform for the biomedical industry, providing a comprehensive and systematic working platform and service for clinical trials. In recent years, Mabwell has used the eCollect (EDC), eBalance (RTSM), EcoOperating (CTMS), eArchive (eTMF), eSafety (PVS) and other systems from Taimei Technology in several clinical trials. The two sides have established a friendly and smooth communication and cooperation foundation.

Regarding the cooperation, Dr. Datao liu, President of the company, said, " Mabwell attaches great importance to the innovation of pharmaceutical R&D and pays attention to the revolution by information technology to the operation of clinical projects. With the help of the Platform of Taimei Technology, we hope to help improve the efficiency of clinical operation in a better and more standardized way, so as to accelerate the product marketing process for the benefit of patients.

Lu Zhao, CEO of Taimei Technology, expressed his appreciation for the Mabwell's support over the years. He said, "As a digital operation platform for the life sciences industry, Taimei Technology has been working hard to provide innovative drug enterprises with efficient and compliant information systems and professional and high-quality services.The cooperation with Mabwell is also a process to help Taimei Technology to have a deeper understanding of the actual needs of innovative drug enterprises, so as to continuously improve and improve the product. We look forward to working together in the future to maximize the potential of information technology, enabling clinical research and the early realization of the goal:Accelerating the accessibility of innovative drugs.

About Taimei Technology

As the Digital Operation Platform for Life Science Industry, Taimei Technology aims at empowering our clients across drug R&D, pharmacovigilance, marketing and market access with the comprehensive professional software product suite and technology-based professional service system. Our comprehensive software product suite includes eCooperate(CTMS), eCollect(EDC), eArchive(eTMF), eBalance(IWRS), eVisit(ePRO), eImage, eSafety, eSite, eTrial, eCollege, CRM, to name but a few.